Thursday, August 20, 2015

The place I didn't know existed!

So we live in Iowa now! It's totally awesome and crazy at the same time. Iowa is one of those states that when you hear it you think, "is that really a state?" Because you just never hear about it! I had to look up on the map where it was! All i knew was that  it was east of Utah! There are actually a lot of states like this, they're all in the middle getting lost! But we are here now and it isn't so bad :) There are no mountains, we are surrounded by corn fields, it is pretty humid and sticky...but the people are great and the town is small and cute and we have a really awesome ward and there is a water park that we love to go play at! And we live in the cutest house EVER! like I am seriously obsessed with this house, i love it, it is so cute. Jared is liking his job at Walmart as an assistant manager. The store manager likes Jared and counts on him to do a lot, but that's good because it means Jared can get promoted faster! we will probably be in Iowa for at least 2 years, possibly as many as 4, just depending on how fast Jared can get a promotion! I am not looking forward to winter. I hear it gets deathly cold and snows a LOT, so i say the sooner we move the better!

 This week we went to the Iowa state fair, it was a lot of fun. I love animals so much and it was so fun to go see all the cows and horses and piggies and other animals they had! And then just walking around and seeing all the little shows and performances being put on around the grounds was also fun.

They have been doing road construction on the road we live on since before we moved in and they still aren't finished! We were told they would be finished by we're starting to think they meant July of 2016!

 Hallie is as fun and cute as ever! We can't get enough of her. She has a little laugh and voice that makes you smile no matter what! And she is just so cute! She has squishy cheeks and big eyes and a little nose and tin lips! Its all just so cute!!! She LOVES to play 'boo'. She will do it anytime, anywhere. All a sudden she just yells BOO! and then hides and does it over and over and over! It's just adorable. She is also obsessed with waving to people, especially her Dad. Whenever she sees Jared she immediately starts waving frantically until he sees her and waves back! She loves to be tickles and she loves to play monster. She loves dancing to music! She loves pretty much all food. The only food I know she doesn't like is tuna.
 Here are a few pictures since we've moved :)
Hallie turned 1!! We love her so much!

I had to try a piece of her cake after she was done :)

This was in Boone Iowa, we went for a little hike

exploring this super awesome park we found that was huge and had a river and awesome things

Jared bought this plant that eats flys...i don't think it works...

What is going on in our front yard every day

We went furniture shopping and our new couches will be here in a couple weeks!!! Im so excited!!!

We went for a little picnic at the park 

This is the day we left Oregon, Hallie was waving goodbye!

The newest Assistant Manager at Walmart, and the cutest one too!! 

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  1. yay! You updated the blog!! I love it! Hallie is so cute! We can't wait to come visit sometime! We love all the pictures!